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Did you know that?
  • arrow iconWe breathe in over 400 cubic feet of air every day!
  • arrow iconWe spend almost 90% of our time indoors.
  • arrow iconAirborne microbes are found in residences, offices, hospitals and more particularly        in crowded places like schools, theatres, restaurants.
  • arrow iconIndoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been linked to numerous allergies, asthma,
           bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and cancer

How Indizone works?

Indizone activated oxygen air purifier generates the germ-killing ozone. The unit can be installed within minutes. The Ozone produced mixes with ambient air and is than spread all over the room by attaching themselves to the radio waves.

Ozone reacts rapidly with most odors, oxidizing them to less harmful compounds, or all the way to harmless carbon dioxide. The activated oxygen air sterilizer destroys odors caused by mould, mildew, algae, bacteria, smoke, fungus, germs, pets, sick rooms, septic tanks, moth repellent, tobacco, paint and paint supplies, cleaning products, pesticides, medicines, liquor, cooking, fertilizers, diapers, refuse containers, bathrooms, and more !
INDIZONE in Odour Control .....

Most odoriferous (aromatic) substances are all organic compounds conjugated linkages which are easily attacked by activated oxygen.

In cold storage and Food Preservation

The shelf life is increased by almost 10 fold with activated oxygen. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) cites benefits of activated oxygen use in refrigerator, cold storage ware houses, restaurant refrigerators, supermarket refrigerator coolers, among other places

Buildings & Apartments:

Air re-circulation systems; effectively stops algae, fungus and bacteria formation; saves maintenance expenses; cuts down the amount of air needed; saves fuel expense; destroy food and other odors from various apartments; kills odors of garbage rooms and deodorizes party rooms.

Beauty Parlors:

Destroys odors of hair sprays, nail polish, etc.

Super Markets & Departmental Stores:

Ideal for meat and vegetable coolers fresh fish areas; meat and vegetable coolers; fresh fish areas; smells nice and fresh throughout the day.


Vault areas, storage areas, and central ventilating areas.


Chronic care rooms ICU & ICCU, laundries, canteens, garbage rooms, operation theatres, wards etc.

Forensic Centers:

Morgues, autopsy rooms, and laboratory exhaust systems.

Pet Hospitals:

Removal of stenches of animal excreta and odors.

Process Areas:

Remove odour from process areas especially in the seafood industry, chemical factory, and to maintain sterile areas in pharmaceutical process areas, electronic industries, etc.,

Fruit and Vegetables:

Reduces the ripening process by destroying the ethylene produced during ripening which catalyses further ripening.


Controls surface moulds on the packages and the walls and reduces scale development and decay.


The meat will remain red and firm and maintain the freshness, due to the control of mould and bacteria growth.


Prevents mould growth and decay of egg.

Ozone attacks e-coli-salmonella-aspergillus-strep & staph-candida- albicans and a host of other moulds-bacteria and food odors



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