Industrial effluent color removal

OTSIL provide industrial color removal with Ozone. Textiles, pharmaceuticals , paper & pulp industries all have these issues.  We can provide integrated solutions for optimizing use of ozone . This we are able to do as we take a whloeistic approach to the solution. We can do  in-house laboratory trials to determine the right ozone dose . It provides you with an insurance that the system will perform and yield required results . Contact 9840149184

Determination of ozone dose

Designing ozone process the right way     –

Ozone is chemistry . The efficacy of ozone depends on how well you dissolve the ozone in the water and how you achieve the residual ozone required . Deciding on ozone dose by thumb rule method is a recipe for failure . Due consideration of the solubility of ozone is the crux . This is totally dependent on the pH , temperature , alkalinity , ozone mass transfer  efficiency and other ozone consuming substances in the water that you may not be aware of.

If an ozone design is provided without these questions being asked , either you will have a failed process or you will be paying unnecessarily for ozone you may not require ..


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Pharma Process Water – Why ozone is can be the better choice

Blogging for ozone awareness   .

Ozone or Chlorine  . Mechanism of action , chemistry of reactions , eco friendly  all points towards Ozone . Cost is one aspect that can be a deterrent. But when you look at the advantages you get over chlorine ( and UV) , the choice is on Ozone .  All process water treatment schemes must include ozone.  Effectiveness against gram negative Bacteria, removal of Endotoxin liberated during bacterial destruction , removal of bio films , viral deactivation ,  color and odour removal, removal of heavy metals and and physical properties such as flocculation and many more properties .

But take care . ozone is not a solution for all water treatment issues . Ozone does not perform magic and need careful consideration of design aspects and importantly safety aspects

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Is Ozone Technology Really Expensive

Is Ozone technology really expensive ?  Not really

You look at ozone only when you exhaust all other avenues . You look at ozone as an insurance for a consistent and reliable result to confirm Statutory requirements. Ozone will allow you to remain in Business

Ozone applications can be made cost effective ( I mean value for money)  if  correct solutions are provided. Recently we were asked to evaluate an ozone proposal for reduction of COD in a chemical industry. We found that with modification of pH of the effluent , it really brings down the ozone requirement to half. The client was surprised . When you are not well , you do not go to quacks . If you go it is at your own risk. Same analogy you can relate to ozone applications . You go to persons who can provide you with solutions and give you a reliable system to compliment the solution. Not to persons who offer solutions based on internet reference .

The next aspect is health implications . Why do you see that there is so much of discussions in the reduction of THMs , removal of pesticides and micro pollutants from water- world over  ?   We see only the costs of the ozone system, but never look at the other side – Health implications and costs associated with it . We are not aware how much of health costs we can save just by providing good quality drinking water . We save costs , and make our nation healthy .  Ozone is the savior here

We introduce lots of contaminants when we conduct our business . We must have social obligations and do our bit . We must make the world a better place for next generations

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