Present Scenario of Ozone industry in India

Indiscriminate suggestions of ozone dose , either due to ignorance or to hide inadequate ozone production

utter disregard to safety factors . Inadequate safety measures

Misleading clients on ozone actions resulting is process failures and client frustration

Economy first , performance secondary .

put all the blame on the end-user for system failure

Install and run away from service requirement

only end users , consultants can bring about a change . Nothing should be taken for granted if not supported by facts.    Read on ……………


crucial factors for ozone process design


Prospective users are not expected to know these crucial factors. It is up to the ozone manufacturer to ensure that the design considers all these critical aspects so that the client get what he wants- fail proof ozone process design.

Some points that are vital are: 1. Water quality – There are ozone scavengers in water , ozone consumers in water , We need to identify them

2. Water temperature;   high water temperatures will make ozone less effective  . They destroy ozone in water

3. pH of water: disinfectant properties of ozone depends of the correct pH

4. Solubility of ozone:   Ozone is a gas and need to be dissolved in water . ozone solubility needs to be determined at the given condition

5. Henry’s law factor: This  determines at what concentrations you use ozone . this will effect the cost of the total system

6. Chicks law CT factor: This is very important. This ct factor needs to be achieved for bacteria kill

The ozone dosing dose will depend on these factors. Fears of formation of DBP with over ozone dose that are often carcinogenic, fears of failure of ozone process with inadequate dose. Ozone dose calculated based on above factors is Safe and Fail proof.

ozone is the future .ozone is the savior

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Industrial effluent color removal

OTSIL provide industrial color removal with Ozone. Textiles, pharmaceuticals , paper & pulp industries all have these issues.  We can provide integrated solutions for optimizing use of ozone . This we are able to do as we take a whloeistic approach to the solution. We can do  in-house laboratory trials to determine the right ozone dose . It provides you with an insurance that the system will perform and yield required results . Contact 9840149184

Determination of ozone dose

Designing ozone process the right way     –

Ozone is chemistry . The efficacy of ozone depends on how well you dissolve the ozone in the water and how you achieve the residual ozone required . Deciding on ozone dose by thumb rule method is a recipe for failure . Due consideration of the solubility of ozone is the crux . This is totally dependent on the pH , temperature , alkalinity , ozone mass transfer  efficiency and other ozone consuming substances in the water that you may not be aware of.

If an ozone design is provided without these questions being asked , either you will have a failed process or you will be paying unnecessarily for ozone you may not require ..


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Pharma Process Water – Why ozone is can be the better choice

Blogging for ozone awareness   .

Ozone or Chlorine  . Mechanism of action , chemistry of reactions , eco friendly  all points towards Ozone . Cost is one aspect that can be a deterrent. But when you look at the advantages you get over chlorine ( and UV) , the choice is on Ozone .  All process water treatment schemes must include ozone.  Effectiveness against gram negative Bacteria, removal of Endotoxin liberated during bacterial destruction , removal of bio films , viral deactivation ,  color and odour removal, removal of heavy metals and and physical properties such as flocculation and many more properties .

But take care . ozone is not a solution for all water treatment issues . Ozone does not perform magic and need careful consideration of design aspects and importantly safety aspects

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Is Ozone Technology Really Expensive

Is Ozone technology really expensive ?  Not really

You look at ozone only when you exhaust all other avenues . You look at ozone as an insurance for a consistent and reliable result to confirm Statutory requirements. Ozone will allow you to remain in Business

Ozone applications can be made cost effective ( I mean value for money)  if  correct solutions are provided. Recently we were asked to evaluate an ozone proposal for reduction of COD in a chemical industry. We found that with modification of pH of the effluent , it really brings down the ozone requirement to half. The client was surprised . When you are not well , you do not go to quacks . If you go it is at your own risk. Same analogy you can relate to ozone applications . You go to persons who can provide you with solutions and give you a reliable system to compliment the solution. Not to persons who offer solutions based on internet reference .

The next aspect is health implications . Why do you see that there is so much of discussions in the reduction of THMs , removal of pesticides and micro pollutants from water- world over  ?   We see only the costs of the ozone system, but never look at the other side – Health implications and costs associated with it . We are not aware how much of health costs we can save just by providing good quality drinking water . We save costs , and make our nation healthy .  Ozone is the savior here

We introduce lots of contaminants when we conduct our business . We must have social obligations and do our bit . We must make the world a better place for next generations

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Learning From The Best

logging for Ozone Awareness

Reliability , Performance and Service- learning from the Best This was an event 10 years ago. India’s largest Ozone generator by Wedeco , arrival of a 230 kg per hour containerized system. Technological marvel . We have been involved right from this time ,till the time it was commissioned and handed over to the client . As a company we learnt so much from this installation . We knew exactly what a large ozone system has to be like, in terms of engineering , construction & safety aspects , how to , trouble shoot and how to provide quality service . Experience of a life time .We adopt similar engineering standards for all our ozone equipment. No wonder our systems are preferred wherever reliability , performance and service are prime most importance to clients   CONTACT US FOR LARGE OZONE SYSTEMS 9840149184

Single Large Ozone System V Modular Systems – Spares Requirement

There are only few ozone companies around the world who can manufacture single large ozone systems upto 50 kg ozone per hour. Just 4-5 of them . Companies who do not have technology to manufacture single large systems propose small modular system in multiple of 2 kgs .ozone manufacturers in India have limitations in their capabilities of manufacturing single large ozone systems. Claiming to manufacture one is different from producing one that has been time tested , proven reliable  is different

Water treatment consultants , EPC contractors  in India , and End users must realize that such modular proposals are out dated now. .They should stop encouraging such designs . There are ozone systems that run 24 x7 x 365 x many years without a single shut down . There are numerous installations around the world without spare ozone systems

For example only in india this happens ; requirement of say  18 kg machine is often proposed as 9×2 kg units, and often taking the stance of providing spare capacity to increase reliability in the application! Such design would in fact decrease the reliability since it would be very difficult to maintain 9
units at a time, increasing the requirement of spare parts, machine down time,
and frequency of preventive maintenance apart from increased CAPEX.

If you have the choice to go for a single large unit, why go for modular or multiple units. Today companies like ITC Bhardrachalam are operating the world’s single largest ozone system of 200 kg per hour for their process, without any spare ozone system, but with a foolproof, periodic preventive maintenance schedule . Lets learn from them. Read on

march 2014 Column OZONE – SPARE DESIGN

Sewage water reuse – Using Ozone correctly

Column OZONE -ozone dose in STP

How many times have we come cross complaints from clients that they  never get the required quality of water with ozone .  Most of the time , we have noted that ozone dose is compromised to keep the cost of system low to beat competitors . Clients fall for this trap by unscrupulous sellers . Spending a little more time in evaluating the process, equipment and the supplier would probably solve the clients headache

We can get the horse up to the pond , but drinking has to be done by the horse itself .  Ozone is not to be blamed for ones own mistake.

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Why Process Failures With Ozone ? A Close Look At It

With ozone , we should not have any process failures. Such is its prowess. But we keep hearing that many issues crop up with ozone applications including miserable process failures . This can be avoided if with a little consideration of  design parameters . Normally does not happen any where in Europe ,US and in other developed countries . Economy overtakes everything else in India Prospective  users , consultants , water treatment experts can stop it  and make competition more healthy .  Read on .AUGUST 2018 Process Failures