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crucial factors for ozone process design


Prospective users are not expected to know these crucial factors. It is up to the ozone manufacturer to ensure that the design considers all these critical aspects so that the client get what he wants- fail proof ozone process design.

Some points that are vital are: 1. Water quality – There are ozone scavengers in water , ozone consumers in water , We need to identify them

2. Water temperature;   high water temperatures will make ozone less effective  . They destroy ozone in water

3. pH of water: disinfectant properties of ozone depends of the correct pH

4. Solubility of ozone:   Ozone is a gas and need to be dissolved in water . ozone solubility needs to be determined at the given condition

5. Henry’s law factor: This  determines at what concentrations you use ozone . this will effect the cost of the total system

6. Chicks law CT factor: This is very important. This ct factor needs to be achieved for bacteria kill

The ozone dosing dose will depend on these factors. Fears of formation of DBP with over ozone dose that are often carcinogenic, fears of failure of ozone process with inadequate dose. Ozone dose calculated based on above factors is Safe and Fail proof.

ozone is the future .ozone is the savior

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