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Dreaded Pseudomonas – Ozone Solution

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Gram Negative Bacteria (Pseudomonas) are more susceptible to ozone

Pseudomonas is a gram Negative strain, dreaded by both Pharmaceutical companies as well as Hospitals. Gram-negative bacillus of late presents a  major clinical significance; Many instances of infections with these organisms have been noted regularly now . Infections include bacteraemia/septicaemia caused by contaminated solutions .Environmental studies have revealed that the organism can survive in chlorine-treated municipal water supplies, often colonizing sink basins and taps, intubation tubes, humidifiers, incubators for new-borns, ice chests and syringes, contaminated medical devices such as blood gas analysers, nebuliser equipment and has become a potential reservoir for infections in the hospital environment

Role of Bio films

The sources of water in most Pharmaceutical Industry /hospitals are from sources outside and unknown to them. Water supplies are under contract to these water suppliers. This  water is treated  and  used for all purposes including advanced treatment process for Pharmaceutical compounding, Water for Injections in Pharmaceutical companies and for all purposes in Hospitals.  Pseudomonas  can pass through even  advanced treatment process and emerge in the final product water. As these ordinary treatment processes continue, there is a formation of bio film in all the water pipes. Conventional Bio films removal process such as CIP with Hydrogen peroxide, per-acetic acid  or even steam have not found to be too effective against Bio film removal .These biofilms provide safe haven to most of these opportunistic bacteria and they proliferate when opportunity arises. The locations that has been identified are areas especially where there are increased storage facilities, and in areas where chlorine residuals are removed with SMBS .



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