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Large storage tanks & contamination

Column OZONE – Apr 2011 tank cleaning

In industries requiring process water the water loops are usually very long with intermediate large storage tanks designed . Though many of them can still be avoided , these large tanks are normally proposed to ensure continuous supply of water , especially when the end user is not sure of his availability of raw water on a continuous basis . He needs to depend on outsourcing of his water requirement which is the origin of all contamination.  Now a days we are finding even bore well water contaminated with pathogens , including coliforms which means that even the borewell at such great depths is being contaminated by sewage . . .   Using ozone could help resolve these issues . Remember using ozone does not mean that you can totally forget tank cleaning procedures . A good and reliable tank cleaning process coupled with ozonation could help . Take care not to chlorinate too much before ozonation . presence of chlorine stripping compounds will hinder ozonation . Also depending totally on pre chlorination  has not found to be useful in many cases. A carefully designed ozone system can be used to totally eliminate prechlorination

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