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Making Ozone Use Safer In India – We value Life Ozone Safety Tip 1

Ozone Safety   TIP 1

Ozone systems are high voltage equipments. Voltage can exceed 9000 Volts.  The dielectrics that generate ozone are like Hugh capacitors. They can produce electrical shocks even after the power is disconnected.  Safety should come first. Some of the ozone generators manufactured locally have least consideration of safety aspects. They have the high voltage dielectrics mounted outside and behind the ozone control panel.  There is no protection against accidental contact by operators. I have seen in one installation in Mumbai where fencing is built around the ozone generator with lock and keys and this is recommended by the manufacturer. This is a ridiculous suggestion and totally misleading the client. We at OTSIL put safety foremost. All high voltage parts of our equipments are safely enclosed and made inaccessible to operators.  Our systems would pass any international safety audit. We must learn from International rules on safety standards and must also learn to   value life

As part of “Making ozone use safer in India “we will carry on this awareness programme so that in course of time we  reach international safety standards. Economy should not replace Safety


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