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My New Activity – Blogging For Ozone Awareness

25 years of ozone experience now. It is time to pay back. For one to one interactions , I have started this blog and trying to spend what ever spare time is available with me on this activity . Initiating discussions, on various ozone topics could solicit interested persons to participate and try gather useful information. Internet is useful. But how many persons know which is right and which is wrong information. I have also taken time to prepare an Ozone 101 hand book of ozone and it is ready now. This is a non commercial activity of mine and is for free distribution to those showing genuine interest in ozone. The catch – you must register yourself in the linkedIn group I have created- ozone users in India . Go to www.otsil.net and click on the Join ozone users in India and follow instructions . If you find it difficult just send me an email with all your contact details etc . I will mail you the pdf copy to you . You can also use that platform for discussions , there you could get information from others through their experience . V.Baratharaj

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