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Sewage water reuse – Using Ozone correctly

Column OZONE -ozone dose in STP

How many times have we come cross complaints from clients that they  never get the required quality of water with ozone .  Most of the time , we have noted that ozone dose is compromised to keep the cost of system low to beat competitors . Clients fall for this trap by unscrupulous sellers . Spending a little more time in evaluating the process, equipment and the supplier would probably solve the clients headache

We can get the horse up to the pond , but drinking has to be done by the horse itself .  Ozone is not to be blamed for ones own mistake.

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Why Process Failures With Ozone ? A Close Look At It

With ozone , we should not have any process failures. Such is its prowess. But we keep hearing that many issues crop up with ozone applications including miserable process failures . This can be avoided if with a little consideration of  design parameters . Normally does not happen any where in Europe ,US and in other developed countries . Economy overtakes everything else in India Prospective  users , consultants , water treatment experts can stop it  and make competition more healthy .  Read on .AUGUST 2018 Process Failures

Unsafe Ozone Systems With Iso 9001-2015 Certification

Blogging for Ozone awareness- we value life . We make safety as our  habit .

Recently we were called to check out on one ozone system and we were surprised to see the quality of the system . An unsafe machine waiting for disaster to happen. Surprised ? It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified . Where around the world would you find such units ? Your guess is right !!

Economy does not mean you compromise on safety . Safety is everyone’s right and need to be imbibed as a habit .  Ozone has been safe for as long as it has been used and no incidence have ever  happened anywhere around the world. Let India not be the first one

ozone systems are not sold in showrooms. so we guess the buyer may not have the opportunity to evaluate the quality . But there are ways .

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Don,t take chances . Life is precious

Blogging for ozone awareness


Making Ozone use safer in India . We value life

Ozone & Plastics

Ozone Applications are increasing in India. Numerous instances have been noticed that applications are decided without due considerations to the materials of construction of pipes , containers etc  .We provide below some information on the use of different type of plastics and Ozone’s effect on them.

Two group of plastics are discussed here ; Plastics  termed  as Thermoplastic materials and other group of plastics are the Thermosetting Plastics.  They find numerous use in Industries  and each type of plastics are used  for different purposes dependent on the physical & chemical properties of each.

The effects of ozone on each of these materials will depend totally on the configuration of  the polymers that  make up the plastics. Crossed linked plastics such as poly polypropylene, poly- ethylene , poly- vinyl chloride and silicone or fluorine combined plastics are sufficiently impervious to ozone to enable their use in direct contact.

Most of the packaged  water plants all over the world use plastics in some form or the other and the knowledge of each of these will help understand the likely effects with the use of ozone.

From a careful  study of  different kind of plastics  , some forms of polymers are readily attacked by ozone and are not recommended , there are other forms that are quite resistant and  take a longer time for effects of ozone. and others attacked immediately and not recommended.

Since most of the packaged water manufacturers prefer residual ozone, and they invariably use PET Bottles, Poly Carbonate Jars,   PP Filters, that are all polymer materials , the question of whether they are safe with ozone is frequently asked. The effects of ozone in the long run could unzip some of these polymers  to form by- products , Even though  they are all dose, concentration  and time related , we should never take this risk

For example poly-carbonate has been shown to be very resistant to UV and like water is  classified as an universal solvent. Ozone can also be classified as an universal reactant-  the only question is how much does it react. Through practical experience, it is very insignificant.  For that matter ,  Ozone is also supposed to be Corrosive to Stainless Steel .But the corrosion is concentration and time related and therefore Stainless steel is regarded safe  with the use of Ozone. In fact many ordinary plastics that give out smell (the popular PVC tank) can also be held suspicious,  more than ozone which imparts no flavor to the water. The action of ozone on plastics also depends on whether Ozone is used as a gas  or solution..  For example Nylon appears to break down faster when in contact with  ozone-air mixture than ozone solution

Some care that could be observed while using ozone would include:

  • Do not use ozone before cartridge filtration in packaged water process
  • Do not store fresh ozonated water in PVC containers ( use ploy carbonate instead)
  • Use CPVC /SS pipes preferably if water is being used for drinking.
  • Store freshly ozonated drinking water in SS containers instead
  • For prospective ozone users check for ozone reactions on MOC of containers/pipes before you use them.

Many of the  reported ozone reactions on materials are time concentration related and many of the toxic effects have never been proven .

Why OTSIL could be the most preferred ozone company in India

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Most experienced–  OTSIL  is the most experienced Ozone Company in India

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Safe Designs -We provide safe ozone  designs and  installations with time tested reliable accessories . We do not compromise on safety and do not undertake projects that compromise safety

Reliable Systems -Provide reliable systems that work 365 X 24X 7  . No  break downs  ISO 9001-15000 certified

Allows FAT during ozone testing – You are safe and know what system will be delivered at site

Documentations -Complete documentations are provided to substantiate designs and selection of accessories , including test certificates and , safety manuals and training

Indizone Installations would pass any International safety Audit

World Class Service -OTSIL have well trained service personnel for quick resolution of service requirements . Stationed at  Chennai, Bangalore ,Mumbai , Hyderabad and in Assam we can mobilize service to all parts of country within quick time

Fair Practices -OTSIL follow the policy of Fair Industrial practices .Very transparent in whatever we do and no information is kept away from the client

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ozone users to note . why ozone measurement is a must

Ozone is a gas . So is Nitrogen, oxygen , Carbon dioxide , helium, Argon .But what is the difference between ozone and the other gases ?    Other gases are prepared by air separation and they all can be stored in cylinders as they are very stable gases. When you can store the gases , they can be measured , especially because they are in the pure form  .  So using them is easier and measurable .

What about ozone ?  Ozone is the only gas that is synthesized . Ozone gas does not occur naturally unlike other gases . Ozone gas is very unstable , cannot be stored and hence need to be produced and utilized in situ . Also Unlike other gases , ozone gas is never pure and does not exist alone. It carries with it oxygen gas  /other gases . Hence you can not measure ozone separately like other gases . Hence you measure concentration only and use this is determine the ozone weight.

Here is the catch. since measurement of concentration of ozone is possible only with expensive analyzers , the industry is faced with a problem that is the root cause of process failures . Users of large ozone systems do not want to pay a little more for the analyzer and end up loosing the whole . Unscrupulous manufacturers thrive    .

Recently there was an issue faced by a CEPT  of a tannery effluent  , which had the most experienced member in leather technology , failing to observe these precautions. They purchased and installed 15 Kg ozone system from a Mumbai ozone manufacturer ( that too 15 numbers , 1 Kg system) and found out that each of the 1 Kg system is producing just 200 grams . This is a government funded project .  A little bit of awareness could have saved crores of investment . The loss was only  to the end user organization ( tax payers money)   and they nearly concluded another large order to the same supplier until awareness was forced onto them .

Lesson to be learnt : Don’t adopt modular systems. If you want 15 Kg , go for a 15 kg system. Always ensure you buy an ozone analyzer along with the ozone system and demand process guarantees . Buy ozone only from companies who are technology based and who have history of good world wide references .  Get ozone specialists evaluate specifications

A Large ozone Generator with an Ozone Analyzer ( yellow instrument)

If you still consider economy as the only criteria , than no one is to be blamed except you .

Blogging for ozone awareness – Contact OTSIL for consultations,  DPR for ozone projects ,  Technical evaluations etc.   It could save you lots of money   9840149184

Safety First – Hopes of a Pool owner

Swimming pools were once a upon a time an essential part of high net worth individuals. Today the higher middle class income group have joined this club. One common aspect of these individuals is that they are busy and find very little time for recreations. Hence they develop recreation facilities in their homes. Swimming pool is one important recreation facility in the home. They also provide owners ways of maintaining health and an effective exercise that can replace Gym going and also walks and it comes right at their home

Swimming pools are expected to be clean and the water must be bacteria free. Water can be a dangerous source of spreading infections. Also chlorine that has been used to keep this water clean is also responsible for many side effects caused by swimming pools. Ozone has come to the rescue and has become an essential part of swimming pool water treatment. Ozone has to perform this role for the pool owner. The pool owner hopes that the equipments suggested by the pool builder perform. He wants bacteria free water

Pool owner’s problem: He does not know if his water is bacteria free. Also getting the water tested regularly could be an issue. All he can measure is residual chlorine and hope the level he maintains provides him with clean water. But we all know residual chlorine achievement does not guarantee bacteria free water. Chlorine may be measured and we measure only residual total chlorine and not active chlorine and it is this active chlorine is important. These are reasons why an ozone treatment provides a solution. Ozone with this residual chlorine could solve his problem

A correctly designed ozone system can provide this guarantee as it is far more powerful than chlorine. Dose required is small and contact time required only in seconds. So maintaining a small residual chlorine level with ozonation will almost guarantee the pool owner a safe pool

What is the Pool owner’s problem today? He buys an ozone system and expects it performs and keep his pool safe. However in today’s Scenario, he is not sure if the ozone system is working and performing. He is not sure if the ozone system is delivering the correct quantity of ozone. He would not even know if his ozone system is working or not until one fine day he finds that his pool is breeding pathogens. In most cases pool owners find that his ozone system works only for a few months and the rest of the months he is unaware.

We are sure many pool builders face these issues but are helpless as they have to face the wrath of the pool owner

Role of a pool builder:  A builder is an important link between the pool owner and the ozone supplier. He has an important role to play to ensure pool safety .He depends on correct information from the ozone supplier. He needs an insurance that the ozone system is producing the ozone it is required  to produce and that an indication that the ozone is working.

Ozone measurement: ozone measuring instruments are expensive and can cost half the cost of a pool filtration system. This is the only reason why the pool owner feels so frustrated after having purchased an ozone system. He is only hoping all the time .

How OTSIL will help your swimming pool clients: OTSIL  R & D development provides an option for the pool client to know the Health of the ozone system. The state of Art EOPI technology comes at very small incremental price to the client. An EOPI will indicate the ozone production, it will help diagnose ozone system faults, it will indicate if the ozone system is working or not , all through a PLC display system . There are no probes or expensive analyzers. This is the best that can happen to the ozone industry

Pool owners , Pool builders , Water treatment consultants contact us for Safe Ozonation    9840149184  .

Making Ozone Use safer In India – We value life

Designing a Safe vent ozone distructor

Ozone distructors have compromised design if they

1) are not designed for the flow of water flow and capacity of the contact tank

2) If catalysts are used and they are not sized appropriately. They need sufficient surface area , sufficient particle size and sufficient air velocity to work efficiently. A manufacturer of these catalyst will tell you all about this

3) they do not incorporate a moisture separator if required by design of contact tank

4) They do not take care of temperature control

Vent ozone distructors for SS tanks: These are for smaller applications where the capacity of the ozone contact tanks vary from 3 KL to 30 KL total capacity. It is normal to incorporate in the design of these contact tanks off gas vent that facilitates tank breathing during filling and emptying. The size of these vents is in accordance to the capacity of the contact tank.   the contact tanks vents have to be correctly designed , else there could be an implosion of the contact tank .

Vent ozone distructors are of 2 types .The thermal ozone distructors utilize heat to destroy ozone.  The temperature that has to be reached for 100% ozone destruction within a few seconds would be as high as above 250-350 Deg cel . This is very challenging as the surface of the distructor gets extremely hot and effective control of the temperature rise assumes importance. The power requirement will be sometimes more than the power required for the ozone production.  Thermal type vent distructors are not very common for small applications and are very difficult to source. Few reputed companies manufacture larger thermal type but they are very expensive and high on operation costs

The catalytic ozone distructors are most common and very reliable if designed well


Note the Ozone distructor mounted on a skid on the left side of the picture

They are easy to install, operate and maintain. operate and maintain. They contain specialized catalyst that have proven record of destroying ozone . These catalyst lasts a long time  ( 3-4 years) if the ozone distructors  are designed well.

Catalysts used in vent ozone distructors have to be used carefully. They are poisonous and so the design and the installation of the vent ozone distructor should prevent this catalyst of falling into the tank when they crumble. Moisture from the ozone tank can clog these catalysts, and prevent tank breathing, causing implosion of ozone contact tanks. The ozone distructor design must prevent crumbling and clogging of the catalyst, enable free tank breathing.

These are small steps we at OTSIL take to make ozone use safer in India . Contact us for well designed ozone distructors . Be safe .



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