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Reliable large ozone systems from OTSIL

There are very few large ozone generators manufactures around the world . Local manufacturers have have claimed to have installed large ozone systems have all failed . This is because you cannot manufacture ozone systems without basic research facility   . You cannot test your product at site . There should be an history of reliable working of the ozone generator .  This has made ozone systems high capital intensive and too dependent on few manufacturers .

Other important issues that are lacking is the availability of local ozone expertise and above all local service network for instant service. All claims of fast service would be exposed when there is a shut down for months for spare parts or service personnel to arrive at site.  You cannot force the clients to maintain inventory of expensive spare parts .

No ozone manufacture around the world manufacturer all the four components of the ozone system –  The power Board , the inverter , the transformer and the dielectrics . Except the dielectrics , all the components are out sourced . This appear to be the main reason for long delivery periods , delays in services and supply of spare parts

The presence of local engineering team is of utmost importance in large projects . This does not happen most of the time .

the other factor is that large ozone systems being assembled like computers and supplied to clients .  This is a big danger. The individual components of Inverter, transformer, dielectrics have to be integrated to work in unison and doing this at site is a disaster in waiting .

Oxygen is the heart of the ozone system. Experience reveal that most of the time it is the oxygen that is the culprit for ozone system failure . There need to be an integrated approach with the oxygen supplier and team work is essential

OTSIL provides one more reliable choice of large imported ozone systems in India . All components self manufactured , large working references around the world, established R & D activities on ozone technology, local service net work and highly knowledgeable local engineering team. Working in Unison with the oxygen supplier is an additional  advantage .

10 kg ozone system with PSA

Contact OTSIL for large ozone systems. Do not cut and paste specifications as this would surely cut down on the choice available to your client and increase his project costs

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