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Safety First – Hopes of a Pool owner

Swimming pools were once a upon a time an essential part of high net worth individuals. Today the higher middle class income group have joined this club. One common aspect of these individuals is that they are busy and find very little time for recreations. Hence they develop recreation facilities in their homes. Swimming pool is one important recreation facility in the home. They also provide owners ways of maintaining health and an effective exercise that can replace Gym going and also walks and it comes right at their home

Swimming pools are expected to be clean and the water must be bacteria free. Water can be a dangerous source of spreading infections. Also chlorine that has been used to keep this water clean is also responsible for many side effects caused by swimming pools. Ozone has come to the rescue and has become an essential part of swimming pool water treatment. Ozone has to perform this role for the pool owner. The pool owner hopes that the equipments suggested by the pool builder perform. He wants bacteria free water

Pool owner’s problem: He does not know if his water is bacteria free. Also getting the water tested regularly could be an issue. All he can measure is residual chlorine and hope the level he maintains provides him with clean water. But we all know residual chlorine achievement does not guarantee bacteria free water. Chlorine may be measured and we measure only residual total chlorine and not active chlorine and it is this active chlorine is important. These are reasons why an ozone treatment provides a solution. Ozone with this residual chlorine could solve his problem

A correctly designed ozone system can provide this guarantee as it is far more powerful than chlorine. Dose required is small and contact time required only in seconds. So maintaining a small residual chlorine level with ozonation will almost guarantee the pool owner a safe pool

What is the Pool owner’s problem today? He buys an ozone system and expects it performs and keep his pool safe. However in today’s Scenario, he is not sure if the ozone system is working and performing. He is not sure if the ozone system is delivering the correct quantity of ozone. He would not even know if his ozone system is working or not until one fine day he finds that his pool is breeding pathogens. In most cases pool owners find that his ozone system works only for a few months and the rest of the months he is unaware.

We are sure many pool builders face these issues but are helpless as they have to face the wrath of the pool owner

Role of a pool builder:  A builder is an important link between the pool owner and the ozone supplier. He has an important role to play to ensure pool safety .He depends on correct information from the ozone supplier. He needs an insurance that the ozone system is producing the ozone it is required  to produce and that an indication that the ozone is working.

Ozone measurement: ozone measuring instruments are expensive and can cost half the cost of a pool filtration system. This is the only reason why the pool owner feels so frustrated after having purchased an ozone system. He is only hoping all the time .

How OTSIL will help your swimming pool clients: OTSIL  R & D development provides an option for the pool client to know the Health of the ozone system. The state of Art EOPI technology comes at very small incremental price to the client. An EOPI will indicate the ozone production, it will help diagnose ozone system faults, it will indicate if the ozone system is working or not , all through a PLC display system . There are no probes or expensive analyzers. This is the best that can happen to the ozone industry

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