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Single Large Ozone System V Modular Systems – Spares Requirement

There are only few ozone companies around the world who can manufacture single large ozone systems upto 50 kg ozone per hour. Just 4-5 of them . Companies who do not have technology to manufacture single large systems propose small modular system in multiple of 2 kgs .ozone manufacturers in India have limitations in their capabilities of manufacturing single large ozone systems. Claiming to manufacture one is different from producing one that has been time tested , proven reliable  is different

Water treatment consultants , EPC contractors  in India , and End users must realize that such modular proposals are out dated now. .They should stop encouraging such designs . There are ozone systems that run 24 x7 x 365 x many years without a single shut down . There are numerous installations around the world without spare ozone systems

For example only in india this happens ; requirement of say  18 kg machine is often proposed as 9×2 kg units, and often taking the stance of providing spare capacity to increase reliability in the application! Such design would in fact decrease the reliability since it would be very difficult to maintain 9
units at a time, increasing the requirement of spare parts, machine down time,
and frequency of preventive maintenance apart from increased CAPEX.

If you have the choice to go for a single large unit, why go for modular or multiple units. Today companies like ITC Bhardrachalam are operating the world’s single largest ozone system of 200 kg per hour for their process, without any spare ozone system, but with a foolproof, periodic preventive maintenance schedule . Lets learn from them. Read on

march 2014 Column OZONE – SPARE DESIGN

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