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Thumb Rule Doses For Ozone Design

Blogging for ozone awareness

Prospective users of ozone may well keep themselves informed on the approximate ozone dose required for various applications . This will prevent acceptance of an design that provides for more ozone than required. ozone is expensive , ozone is also toxic , hence little knowledge could be of immense help . But take care . These are just  thumb rules and in many cases the ozone requirement can change depending on the quality of water .

Don’t get misled . It is better to say NO to ozone than use ozone where it wont work . Ozone does not perform magic . Ozone manufacturers are not magicians . Never overlook other technologies. They may be better than ozone .   Contact 9840149184  for YES or NO to ozone

Read on for more details  : Dec. 2013 OZONE DOSE

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