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Vent Ozone Distructors – A Must Safety Feature

Do you know that in most part of the world, installing a vent ozone distructor is a must and enforceable by law .  Most of ozone leakage in plant rooms and other large ozone systems come from contact tanks .

Vent ozone distructors must be properly designed as wrong designs could cause other danger situations such as implosion of tanks , due to wrong design, wrong choice of catalyst .

I have seen many ozone contact tanks in India operating without Vent ozone distructors either due to ignorance or to economize cost and those that have been installed have all been wrongly designed an the end user is completely unaware of the dangers he is being exposed .

Here are some tips to judge if the Vent ozone distructor is properly designed

SEPT_2018 vent ozone distructor

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